Nationwide Roofing

A Division of Nationwide General Contracting

“That roofer took my money and screwed me over!”

“My roof needs to be replaced but I can't find an affordable option or even a reliable company!”

How many times have we all heard someone say that?

After years in the roofing industry, we saw how companies were being run and how often homeowners were being shorted by contractors and the contractor network… So, we decided to do something about it!

The founders of NR combined their experience in insurance, finance, and construction to create a hybrid unseen in the contracting industry before. Nationwide General Contracting was founded in Florida and quickly spread to Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia. We founded Nationwide Roofing as a solution for those seeking quality contracting and installation at a reasonable price.

When you work with Nationwide Roofing, you know you are working with a group of professionals that seek your best interest first, and seek profit second.


Our team assists you every step of the way to make sure that you get the service you deserve.

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We’ve had many clients who didn’t even know they had damage until one of our reps offered them a free inspection and was able to show them the damage they had sustained. Then, the Nationwide team subsequently handled the whole process for the client until they had a brand-new roof on their house. Lots of roofers out there can put on a great roof, but when it comes to helping our clients every step of the way during that process, we stand head and shoulders above the rest!

In an industry known for greedy owners who don’t take care of their people and will do anything to squeeze a little more profit out of the job, we strive to always be the company that puts our people first! As a result, every member of the Nationwide team treats the company and its clients as if they owned it! Being successful is fun and we would like to stay that way, so our other core guiding philosophy is that integrity is longevity.
Anyone can make a lot of money in the short term by cutting corners, but what you do will always catch up to you eventually. We’d much rather just do it right the first time and never have to worry about it! If you don’t have time to do something right, you certainly don’t have time to come back and do it over again later… So, if you have an old roof or experienced a significant storm in the last few years, sign up for a free inspection today to see if you have storm damage! If you have damage our trained reps will document it and help with the entire process for you, so that the hardest thing you will have to do will be to pick out the new roof color. In the event that there isn’t damage, we will simply let you know you have nothing to worry about and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your home will stay safe and dry.

Sign up for you free inspection today!